After several years of having the typical for North America Langstroth hives, I came across pictures of the so called AZ hive, typical for Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland. The main difference is that it is serviced not form the top, but from the back. It is also typically housed in a bee house, or a trailer, but covered in any case. 

The bee houses of Slovenia are so beautiful, and the concept seemed somewhat practical, so I decided to give it a try. In the spring of 2018 I purchased 4 AZ hives – two 2 level ones, and two 3 level ones. I decided to build a bee house similar to the Slovenian kind, with the option to expand the current 4 to possibly 16 hives. 

Below are pictures from the building process, and soon I will post pictures from the hives themselves, the move from one type to the other, and some other curious moments.

The Frame

12 x 12 feet footprint, with the roof extending 2 feet on each side, and 4 feet at the front and 3 feet at the back

The Roof

Took me more time than expected, but then – show me a project that took less time than initially planned 🙂


The Sides

Real house requires real materials. It is getting expensive, but you have to be proud of the final result. 


The Front

The 4 AZ hives are in place, with 3 more panels for  12 more hives for future expansion – if the whole concept proves to be successful.