Empty piece of land – but it is ours


Marshes, grass, big blue sky

A Young Moose

At the stop sign

In 2005 we purchased our empty piece of land just south of Calgary. We have had it with the City life and needed more space, quiet and clean environment, and we were ready to build and create. In 2006 we built our house, the twin girls were born and just like that our lives changed. During the following years we started planting hundreds of trees and shrubs, built our greenhouse, planted the raspberry field, started the orchard with apple, pear and sour cherry trees, decided to look after few chickens; Sherie, the German Shepherd, joined us, and we started dipping our toes in beekeeping.


We were busy planting trees everywhere


Roses are sturdy and beautiful, and we love them

The Woodshed

Brown and yellow go so well together



Big or small, they look after each other


Much appreciated, especially during the winter


Always beautiful